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Unleash your Children’s Inner Entrepreneur

Parents and Coaches is a key tool to develop financial and entrepreneurial education at an early age. This book is based on real-life experiences, backed up by research and the most innovative pedagogical practices.
Parents and Coaches is a book focused on providing parents with the best strategic partnership to raise an entrepreneurial child. In this book, the authors expose their unique approach and revolutionary methodology to create an effective model of financial and business education at home.
Karen, Daniela and Stephanie encourage parents to take an extra step and become their children's coaches, maximize their potential and support them in the development of their talents and skills. The authors integrate their experiences as entrepreneurs with the guidance, support and training they have received from their parents and coaches,extensive research, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, the theory of the Triadic Brain and a large dose of motivation.

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Entrepreneurship is more than a job, a lifestyle. If schools and parents teach us math and science, they should also teach us entrepreneurship and financial education.
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