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Karen, Daniela and Stephanie are 3 young Colombian entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and education activists.
The Carvajalino sisters started their first business with $15 when they were 6, 7 and 8 years old. Since then, they embarked on a mission of dramatically reshaping education and empowering youth around the world. The young ladies have dedicated the past decade to inspiring and impacting more than 500,000 people in 20 countries.They also the authors of Parents and Coaches:Unleash Your Children's Inner Entrepreneur.
The 3 sisters have been nominated to different international awards including the White House Champions of Change and were also declared Historical and Cultural Heritage of their home country, Colombia.
The Carvajalino Sisters are the founders of The Biz Nation, an ed-tech company that empowers youth with technology skills, entrepreneurship and financial education applying a revolutionary methodology that significantly improves student learning. By donating 15% of their profit, their social enterprise takes high quality education to communities highly impacted by the Colombian armed conflict. The Biz Nation was named by the World Economic Forum as 1 of the 50 companies reshaping the future of Latin America.
The 3 sisters have become a source of inspiration for many and have been awarded with important recognitions including White House Change Champions and have even been declared Historical and Cultural Heritage by the Colombian government.

Karen, Daniela and Stephanie Carvajalino are 3 successful Colombian social entrepreneurs,
speakers, authors and education activists.